The 3 Best Ways To Waste Your Money

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7 Responses

  1. I really like the message that doing things doesn’t have to mean wasting money but I’m also a firm advocate of the idea that you can be over-frugal. I believe that treating yourself on experiences is okay, if you’ve been saving particularly hard and if you stay within sensible boundaries.

    • tom says:

      I think that “sensible boundaries” is the key part. Many people can go to far, some (like me) can often not go far enough. I know there are some things I wish I had done, but didn’t because of the cost 🙁

  2. jefmiles says:

    A massive travel advocate and will continue to be so cannot agree more on that point!
    For me experiences such as holidays, adventure, helping others out (which doesn’t necessarily need to cost money) are one of the best ways to “waste” money ha 🙂

  3. I definitely agree RTW, what is the point of having all the money in the world? Money is there to exchange for something else. Life is always an experience, just most of the time not a very enjoyable one. So make sure you spend some of your money and time doing things you enjoy 🙂

    • tom says:

      Indeed. It is about finding a good balance between exchanging the money for something else and and using it to produce additional money. A balance that can easily shift over time.

  4. Was it worth it? That depends upon how much you enjoyed the experience and how affordable it is for you. Perhaps it was well worth it.
    OTH For a man on welfare it would be unaffordable and not worth it.
    If the joy of the “experience” was mainly to tell everyone else via social media I would say no. Particularly if the person was anxiously checking the phone to see if it had been “liked’. Yeah, I have seen somebody do that.
    For a man with cholesterol problems the vanilla square is not worth it at any price, for health issues.
    I figure value for money stems from how much, and WHY, the experience was enjoyable, and financial positions and goals.
    Whoa, that sounded complicated.

    • tom says:

      Very insightful! It is comments like this that drive me to rethink some of the positions and thoughts I have on things. I tend to be biased and see the world through my eyes. Understandable, but clearly missing a large portion of possible options/thoughts/outcomes etc. For example, in this post my mind was coming from a place of someone who had the required money. Then again it is about what I like to waste my money on – definitely not for everyone (even if you can afford it).

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