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Fancy Car Or Expensive Holiday

After my last post on ways to waste your money, one of my friends came to me and asked about why I had not included fancy cars on the list. You could argue that a ride in a fancy car could come under activities, or that learning covers off car mechanics, but neither are really a justification for owning a fancy (read: expensive) car. There is a reason for that, I am not a fan of fancy cars. Or more specifically, I am not a fan of the cost implications of fancy cars. What’s Wrong With A Fancy Car? There...

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The 3 Best Ways To Waste Your Money

I was out with my partner having a coffee a few days ago, and we decided to get an overpriced vanilla slice and a brownie. This is something I normally don’t do, or at least don’t do without a reason to celebrate. The idea of paying more for something I could make at home just doesn’t sit right with me. It’s a waste. At home, the total would come to about $5 (possibly less), but at the cafe it was $22.50. That’s a steep markup. I made the remark “at least it is a tasty way to waste your money”. One thing led...