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Home and Contents Insurance Renewal - House Fire 5

Insurance Renewal – Home and Contents

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of renewing my home and contents insurance. I know most people won’t consider it a pleasure to pay for something you hope you will never need, but I did. There are two main reasons for this, firstly insurance is important, secondly because I got a discount. Let me tell you a little about two events that gave me a smile. Why Insurance? Insurance is extremely important. I never fully appreciated it until I had my first (and only) uninsured car crash. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad or too expensive. However it caused a possibility to...

Waste Your Money Roulette Wheel 7

The 3 Best Ways To Waste Your Money

I was out with my partner having a coffee a few days ago, and we decided to get an overpriced vanilla slice and a brownie. This is something I normally don’t do, or at least don’t do without a reason to celebrate. The idea of paying more for something I could make at home just doesn’t sit right with me. It’s a waste. At home, the total would come to about $5 (possibly less), but at the cafe it was $22.50. That’s a steep markup. I made the remark “at least it is a tasty way to waste your money”. One thing led...