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Warren Buffett Quotes #53 0

Warren Buffett Quotes #53

Just a very quick one today, and I thought I would actually try out one of the “aside” post options to see how it works. Recently Market Index sent out their monthly (I think) email, and it contained a link to 10 quotes from the 53rd Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting. There were two I wanted to explore a little further: On cryptocurrencies: “When you buy Bitcoin, you are just hoping that the next guy will pay more; it will not produce profit itself. That is not investing, that is a kind of game … Anytime you’re buying a non-productive asset, you...

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Money Tips 51 to 60 Explained

Money Tips 51 to 60 Explained (#MoneyTips) Time for my sixth set of 10 money tips to gain an explanation, after all, it has been a little long while. I have posted my money tips to Twitter (using the hash tag #MoneyTips) and found that some of them were very hard to keep within that magic but annoying 140 character limit (can you tell I started this before twitter changed to 280?). So far, I have managed it, however sometimes a little of the meaning seems to get lost, and occasionally I wanted to add a little more explanation. This is...

Peer to Peer Lending 0

Peer to Peer Lending – Goals and Questions

Continuing on from my first post about Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending, I wanted to have a look at the three remaining retail P2P lenders. As I am still a retail client, the wholesale funds hold little interest to me at the moment. As a quick recap, the three remaining peer to peer lenders are: Wisr (previously DirectMoney) RateSetter OurMoneyMarket Before assessing the remaining three however, there are some key questions that need to be answered. Some of them can’t be answered, like “will I lose my money”, but I will try and see if some of the information they...