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2016 Federal Budget - Tax 6

2016 Federal Budget Part 2 – Super

My View Part #2 – Super Back in part #1 I had a look at whether the federal budget had actually addressed bracket creep like they had been saying. In this next part I would like to touch on the changes to Super that impact me. Super (or Superannuation) is more or less the Australian equivalent of the 401k in the US – it is the required method for saving for retirement. Now if you are getting closer to retirement then there are areas I will not be looking at here. If you are uber wealthy, then I won’t be considering...

2016 Federal Budget - Tax 3

2016 Federal Budget Part 1 – Bracket Creep

My View Part #1 – Bracket Creep On Tuesday the 3rd of May 2016 the proposed federal budget was handed down. Budgets will often change or tweak a lot of things from education to defence, from welfare to health and from taxation to job creation. Almost every budget has good parts and bad parts for every individual, company and the economy/country as a whole. Being squarely in the individual category, and with this being a personal finance blog, it is the changes that directly impact me, my family, and my friends (along with fellow Australian personal finance bloggers) that I am most interested in. I...

Dividend Update - Relaxing Frog 15

Dividend Update – 2016 Q2

So, I have finally got to a point where I can create a second post on a recurring topic – my second quarterly dividend update (and passive income in general). I must say it is a nice change from thinking about the best way to structure a topic, or from having to crystallise my point of view on a topic. You would be surprised how many times I go to start a post only to realise that there is more thinking required on the topic before I am comfortable with my viewpoint. This time however, it is all facts and figures. Bring...