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How Much Do You Really Need For A House Deposit?

So how much do you really need for a house deposit? When I first seriously started thinking about buying a house I had no idea where to start. I knew you got a loan and then paid it off. I knew how to look for houses that I liked. I had been “house window shopping” for years already, but the technical details around financing and deposit requirements were all new to me. Lenders Mortgage Insurance Being a naturally inquisitive person who likes to learn, I found myself with financial institutions providing me with information that just posed more questions. I...

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The Ultimate Low Rate Credit Card – How To Maintain Liquidity In Your Property

I will get to the ultimate low rate credit card in a second, but if you are like me, then once you have saved up a 20%+ deposit, found the right home, completed any inspections, and finally moved in, you want to start paying it off. In todays low interest environment, with home loans (in 2016) dipping below 4% in Australia and lower elsewhere, it is a perfect time to make some good in-roads into your mortgage. Nothing feels better than taking a chunk out of your debt – or at least not that I plan to talk about here....