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Dividend Update - Relaxing Frog 3

Dividend Update – 2016 Q3

Time for my third dividend update. Can you pick the spot where in the dividend graph below I decided that the house was paid off enough to start putting some of my money into shares rather than just paying off more of the mortgage? Or how about the point in the interest graph where the house was fully paid off and the mortgage payments were redirected to savings? Graphs are good at showing changes and progress, and that is why I love them – especially for passive income. If you are new to these updates, then my first update lists more detail...

Dividend Update - Relaxing Frog 15

Dividend Update – 2016 Q2

So, I have finally got to a point where I can create a second post on a recurring topic – my second quarterly dividend update (and passive income in general). I must say it is a nice change from thinking about the best way to structure a topic, or from having to crystallise my point of view on a topic. You would be surprised how many times I go to start a post only to realise that there is more thinking required on the topic before I am comfortable with my viewpoint. This time however, it is all facts and figures. Bring...

Dividend Update - Relaxing Frog 11

Dividend Update – 2016 Q1

I have finally got around to tracking, calculating and graphing my dividend income. It took three attempts to find a tracking/recording system that I like enough to keep using. I found a few trackers online, but none gave me the specifics I wanted without the overhead I didn’t. If you know of any good ones, please let me know. As a result of having a nice system, I will now be providing a quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, Nov) dividend update/interest update for my passive income for those of you who are interested (pun intended). Yes, I am a little late on...