Monthly Archive: March 2016

Dividend Update - Relaxing Frog 11

Dividend Update – 2016 Q1

I have finally got around to tracking, calculating and graphing my dividend income. It took three attempts to find a tracking/recording system that I like enough to keep using. I found a few trackers online, but none gave me the specifics I wanted without the overhead I didn’t. If you know of any good ones, please let me know. As a result of having a nice system, I will now be providing a quarterly (Feb, May, Aug, Nov) dividend update/interest update for my passive income for those of you who are interested (pun intended). Yes, I am a little late on...

Real Cost Of Free Money - Your Identity 9

The Real Cost Of “Free” Money – Your Identity

With companies like Uber now valued over $60 billion USD and Airbnb at over $25 billion USD (yes, with a “B” as Dr Evil learnt the hard way) it’s clear that the sharing economy is not going to go away any time soon. As with any new and emerging area that has not yet been fully tested, there can be some pitfalls. Being a financial blog I would like to touch on just one of them that I have now had some direct experience with (thankfully not as a victim). Theft – What Are Your Valuables? It is one thing...

Remember To Water Garden 2

RTW Featured In Making A Difference On Canadian Budget Binder

This week I am being featured in the Making A Difference section of the Canadian Budget Binder blog. This section features a personal finance blogger each week to help with networking of finance bloggers. I know that I have found a number of interesting and informative new blogs from the MAD feature on CBB and hope you do too. If you found me from MAD say hi in the comments below, if not, why not have a read over on the CBB site! I have also put the text below: Who are you? My name is Tom. I live in Australia and...