Monthly Archive: February 2016

Coins In Child Hands 9

7 Tips For Good Financial Parenting

As a child I was very fortunate. I had two parents who both wanted me to have at least some financial knowledge and understanding. They helped me in a number of ways, many of which I did not realise until I saw how other people treated money. Below are my seven tips for good financial parenting that I hope will help give┬áthe next generation a leg up. Financial Parenting – Why Talk About Money? Money and managing finance is something that everyone has to do. It is one of the few fundamental areas that has the potential to completely change...

Australian Decimal Currency - Dollar Bill 1

Australian Decimal Currency 50th Anniversary – Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! I thought I would do a valentines day post about something that is having its 50th anniversary on the 14th of February 2016. That’s right, on valentines day just fifty short years ago Australia made the switch to decimal currency. For everyone who helped make, or was part of the change I offer up a very big THANK YOU! I may not have been alive back then, but being a coin collector in a previous life, I have always been aware of the change. My father used to sing the song to me every time the topic...

Fancy Car 11

Fancy Car Or Expensive Holiday

After my last post on ways to waste your money, one of my friends came to me and asked about why I had not included fancy cars on the list. You could argue that a ride in a fancy car could come under activities, or that learning covers off car mechanics, but neither are really a justification for owning a fancy (read: expensive) car. There is a reason for that, I am not a fan of fancy cars. Or more specifically, I am not a fan of the cost implications of fancy cars. What’s Wrong With A Fancy Car? There...