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Sydney Opera House - AustraliaGiven I am Australian, I tend to have a soft spot for Australia. After all it is more or less the best country in the world (we even have Netflix now). So I thought I would share a list of other Australian Finance Blogs and Tools I have run across and enjoy. Tweet me, Facebook me, or contact me if you want to be added, or know of any I should checkout. I am much fussier about the Company/Group ones I add.

Australian Finance Blogs


  • Remember To Water
    • My blog (yay). Talking about all things finance. I wanted a way to motivate, track, help and encourage myself and others to grow their personal finances.
  • Barefoot Investor
  • Dividends Down Under
    • Tristan
    • Talking about investing in shares. Owning a small part of Australian companies, these companies will grow their businesses with time and pay me ever-increasing dividends.
  • Journey to 90 million
    • Setup in June 2011 to track the progress to $50 million in 2031 ($90 million is 2031 dollars), hence the name.
  • Aussie Firebug
    • A blog detailing the journey to financial independence through investing in real estate, low cost index funds and Super.
  • Frugal and Thriving
    • Melissa
    • An Australian blog with an Aussie focus. So if you’re looking for frugal tips a little closer to home, you’ve come to the right place.
  • Jason Jots
    • Jason Wong
    • Simplified finance by a wealth enthusiast.
  • Aussie Finance Blog
    • Writing about personal investment tips, insurance, choosing the right credit cards and similar topics.
  • Wealth From Thirty
    • Sharing the journey of value investing and growing wealth in Australia.
  • Hey, It’s Just Money!
    • A personal quest towards worrying less about money
  • Financial Farmers
    • Building their own dream to live comfortably, grow our own fruit and veges.
  • Enough Time To…
    • Australians exploring the universe of time and money.
  • The Australian Expat Investor
    • Creating wealth while living abroad.
  • Adventures with Poopsie
    • Normal, average people who are choosing a different path in life,. and planning to retire in 2023.
  • The Spreadsheet Dad
    • An Australian father of two navigating his way through fatherhood and on his way to financial freedom.
  • Big Kid, Little Adult
    • Writing about adulting, my finance and investment journey and frugality tips. A personal journey towards becoming an adult.
  • The FI Explorer
    • A personal journey of a 40-something Australian guy towards financial independence in 2021. Explorations in new financial technology and general finance and investment issues.
  • Income Master
    • Helping Australians generate passive income and retire early.

Company/Group Blogs

  • Mawer Money
    • I have a dream that all inhabitants of Australia (and the world) have at least a basic level of financial literacy. This should be learned in primary school, high school, and prior to being able to purchase a property and take out a mortgage.
  • Mozo
    • The financial comparison site’s blog is filled with informative posts on a range of personal finance topics – from home loans to travel insurance and more. Mozo’s blog is regularly updated so you’ll always learn something new.
  • OurMoneyMarket
    • OurMoneyMarket is an Australian based peer to peer lender that specialises in personal lending. OurMoneyMarket looks to provide hints and tips on how to invest in alternative assets and educate borrowers on how to better manage their money.
    • They are also one of only three peer to peer lenders in Australia that cater to the retail sector.

Regularly Used Sites/Tools

The following are some sites/tools that I like or use enough to recommend them. Feel free to send recommendations for this list, but if I am not still using it after a few months, it won’t make the list. This is not everything, just some key sites that have proven valuable over the years.

  • Market Index
    • “Information and data on the Australian stock market. Live indices, fundamental analysis, and share prices for all ASX companies.”
    • I am not sure why I forgot to add this one to my list! It is hands down the best place for insightful stats and information. It is one of my go-to sites and has been in my RSS feed since before this list existed. This is why I have put it at the top of this list. Thankfully someone over there visited my site and asked to be added (reminding me I had missed them)! It made me feel like I was playing on a high school AFL team only to have one of the hawks come and ask if they could watch!
  • Matusik Missive
    • A voice of reason amongst the distortion. Each week I share my thoughts on the Australian housing market.  Not just things real estate, but urban and social trends, too.

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