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New Year Goals for 2017 3

Final Tally – New Year Goals For 2017

I am glad I did not include punctuality as one of my new year goals for 2017, as January disappeared before I could set aside any time for this blog. But the time has come, and now it is time to look back on 20917 and see how our goals from 2017 went. Following that I need to release my 2018 goals out into the world. Hopefully that will once again help to hold me accountable, and speaking of accountable, lets see how I did in 2017: Score: a total of 3 out of 7 (or 43%) for my 2017 goals....

Net Worth Update - Money Tree 4

Net Worth Update – December 2017

The year 2017 is now (well and truly) over, and it is well past time for another net worth checkup. If you are not familiar with net worth, the idea is to calculate how much your possessions are worth if you had to consolidate everything at current value right now. To calculate it, you take everything you own, work out how much it is worth, and add it up. You then subtract from that number anything you owe people (like home loan, car loan etc). That gives you a final number called your net worth. The second half of 2017...