9 New Year Goals For 2016

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2 Responses

  1. Well Done.Impressive goals for someone who doesn’t normally set any. I think you have always been goal oriented but just didn’t feel the need to list them. That said, I know I hold myself more accountable for reaching critical goals if I at least commit them to words on a list of things I want to accomplish. It must be the “In Your Face” factor of things to be done when it is visible. Good luck on the rental side of things. I almost bought in 2013 when the US Real Estate market hadn’t lit up yet and kick myself now for not doing it. I stayed conservative and instead paid off the remaining $100K of our mortgage. I love being mortgage free but I could have made a financial killing had I went the other way. That’s life.

    • tom says:

      Yes, I have always had goals, but always fuzzy ones: “Do better than before” etc. Paying off the house was the main goal for quite a while. Once that was done this blog is my attempt to keep up my motivation. I agree that being mortgage free (at least on something that has no income, like your home) is a great feeling. After a slow start, 2016 is the year for progress! On the property front I am torn between pushing to balance property and shares better vs the desire for a rental. There have been quite a few discussions around that topic (with more to come I expect).

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