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On Top Financially - Mountain 7

5 Realistic Steps To Win Financially

Many people would say there are more than five steps. Others would say just one or two things could get you on top financially. Both could be argued, but after reading many blogs, living out all of the five to some degree, and doing a lot of thinking, I have come up with my five realistic steps to get on top, stay on top, and win financially. To set the ground work I just want to say that by “on top” and “win” I mean not having to worry about money. I am not talking top 1% or 0.1%, I am talking...

Waste Your Money Roulette Wheel 7

The 3 Best Ways To Waste Your Money

I was out with my partner having a coffee a few days ago, and we decided to get an overpriced vanilla slice and a brownie. This is something I normally don’t do, or at least don’t do without a reason to celebrate. The idea of paying more for something I could make at home just doesn’t sit right with me. It’s a waste. At home, the total would come to about $5 (possibly less), but at the cafe it was $22.50. That’s a steep markup. I made the remark “at least it is a tasty way to waste your money”. One thing led...