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Money Tips 1 to 10 Explained

Money Tips 1 to 10 Explained (#MoneyTips) I love tips! If you are American, or one of the many other countries that abuses the idea of tipping, I hate tips. Pay your staff a decent wage and let tipping be a smaller amount or for genuinely exceptional service. The tips I am talking about are succinctly encapsulated ideas that provide insightful information. Or as Google puts it in the third usage as a noun under the second definition: “a small but useful piece of practical advice.” I think there is nothing better that a good short sharp piece of practical advice that...

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Why I Stopped My Dividend Reinvestment Plan

A few months ago I stopped the dividend reinvestment plan for most of my shares. So I thought I would share the reasoning behind that decision. It’s not a huge decision, but it is one that I feel strongly about. Or at least feel strongly about now, who knows what changes tomorrow will bring. It really comes down to a few points that helped me align my investments with my goals. If you are interested in some additional pros and cons then this ASX article contains a nice list. Reason 1 – Control This one is the reason that made me start to think about whether dividend reinvestment...