5 Realistic Steps To Win Financially

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  1. Hey Tom,

    Really enjoyed reading through this, including the Australian examples. I’d agree completely with all of those, and however you get on top of your money, consistency is key!


    • tom says:

      Thanks Tristan! Been a very bust month June, but hope to get back into the swing of things in July. Your blog is sitting in my feed reader with over 15 waiting to be read! And consistency is a huge part of it. If you keep something going (good or bad) it will go far (one way or the other).

  2. Tom, this is a great list brother. I love the link back to ‘getting income in’ and ‘keeping it in’ as an analogy. The key takeway is that your SYSTEM has to be right for things to continue in the right direction. Thanks for sharing!

    Passive Income Dude

    • tom says:

      Thanks PID! I am not sure what your comment triggered, but it is the first one that has made it into the “spam” pile (that was not spam). So sorry about the delay, and thanks for reading. I think this is one of my favourite articles as it really does encompass everything from a high level. Took a long time to get right (in my head) before I was able to write it. Probably at least 3-4 years of actively thinking about it.

  3. Hi. I would add one more point. As we live here in Australia where accommodation is more expensive than most places in the world we should minimize our shelter costs. Your readers might have their own experiences what is working for them. For me following house hacks worked:

    *share your rented or owned place with international students (or permanent housemates)
    *buy (or build) a house where you can have separate area fully self contained and rented
    *build a granny flat next to your house (I haven’t done this one but I will one day)
    *buy a property with couple of houses on it (we have this one here in Sunshine Coast and the second house pays for our small mortgage)

    There are many ways you can get ahead but the above ones I find make a lot of impact with not too much effort. I also write about my journey on my blog.

    My two cents.


    Mr Whyninetofive

    • Tom says:

      Some very good additional tips – thanks! I have some friends who have international students (worked well for them, but a bit invasive for me). The self contained seperate “area” (#2, 3 or 4 on your list) is something that is on my “would be nice” list, but haven’t looked into yet.

      The Matusik Missive that I like to read has recently come out with this to help fill one of those options that I thought was interesting (there are also many others): https://backyardhome.com.au/

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