Insurance Renewal – Home and Contents

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5 Responses

  1. Great job on the discount! I’ve unfortunately had bad experiences with AAMI not price matching with other competitors, they didn’t even budge on their renewal price at all, so I said I would move to a cheaper competitor and they pretty much just said “ok bye” haha, really quite arrogant of them! I haven’t been back to AAMI since.

    Mrs DDU

    • tom says:

      Yeah, I have had similar experiences with some of the people I have talked to. I assume there must be some policies they are following. I may have caught her on a good day? With that said, my car insurance is not with them, as they couldn’t come close to some others in pricing (for equivalent cover). If you are buying insurance 100% based on the cheapest price, remember to double check what (if anything) is missing from the cover – read the PDS.

      • Don’t worry, I always comb through that tedious PDS – worst part of actually comparing insurance! It’s still always worth getting a quote with AAMI even though we haven’t been with them in years, who knows, maybe one day they will surprise me.

        Mrs DDU

  2. Pia says:

    Ah lucky you! I just paid house and content insurance today, and am feeling the pinch of a big bill.

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