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Home and Contents Insurance Renewal - House Fire 5

Insurance Renewal – Home and Contents

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of renewing my home and contents insurance. I know most people won’t consider it a pleasure to pay for something you hope you will never need, but I did. There are two main reasons for this, firstly insurance is important, secondly because I got a discount. Let me tell you a little about two events that gave┬áme a smile. Why Insurance? Insurance is extremely important. I never fully appreciated it until I had my first (and only) uninsured car crash. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad or too expensive. However it caused a┬ápossibility to...

Fancy Car 11

Fancy Car Or Expensive Holiday

After my last post on ways to waste your money, one of my friends came to me and asked about why I had not included fancy cars on the list. You could argue that a ride in a fancy car could come under activities, or that learning covers off car mechanics, but neither are really a justification for owning a fancy (read: expensive) car. There is a reason for that, I am not a fan of fancy cars. Or more specifically, I am not a fan of the cost implications of fancy cars. What’s Wrong With A Fancy Car? There...