Hospital Lessons – Time, Cost & Quality

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7 Responses

  1. Mrs. ETT says:

    It’s funny how parking comes up as not so important when hospitals are involved. We found exactly the same thing. I really like your criteria for shopping around – I think this is something I will adopt (although I am coming from the opposite end, where I don’t shop around enough!)

    Sending positive thoughts and sincere hopes for a good result.

    • tom says:

      Thanks Mrs ETT, and thankfully yes – the results came back positive. Now just a little bit more recovery to do.

      I can look back a number of times where I would have spent $1000 of my time trying to get a $100 item $3 cheaper. The older you get (or perhaps just wiser?) the more time means to you.

  2. I really like your thoughts and analysis with this. It makes total sense to not go to the extreme length, when that’s just hampering your own results. Opportunity costs, etc if you’re spending more time doing something doesn’t end up making it better.

    I hope you’re better soon, from whatever it is you’re going through. We have our fingers crossed for you.

    • tom says:

      Thanks guys, but you can uncross your fingers, the results are positive (where positive is a good thing). So now just some recovery time and all is good.

      My nature is one that likes to make decisions based on all the data. Turning the decision from “which is best” (therefore requiring all the data) to “will this work for what I need” (where a subset of data will work) is an ongoing process.

  3. Pat the Shuffler says:

    Nice views Tom

    I do agree, but how do you keep yourself disciplined. I find that when I begin making concessions here and there I can quickly start to rationalise almost anything. I actually find it easier to be more extreme.

    Kind of like if an alcoholic wants to quit he can’t do it by drinking in moderation.


    • tom says:

      Thanks for stopping by, and a great question Pat – I find I have to force myself to make decisions without all the information. So far I have not had problems with that. The one exception is with larger purchases. When I get into a mood of “less justification needed or I don’t get things done”, then I find it much easier to justify large purchases. For example, a large purchase of shares, or a large expensive TV, or even (almost) a second car! To prevent my “free spending” mood migrating to larger purchases, I just make sure I run anything over about $1000 past my partner. That tends to be a good sanity check for me.

  4. We also found that parking near the hospital had ridiculous prices, they knew a lot of people were there to just come and visit. We went to see my pop and were there for 3 hours and cost us almost $35. That just seems like money grabbing to me.

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