The Truth About Finances and Your Relationship

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3 Responses

  1. Steveark says:

    The $100 limit is a great idea. Actually we use $40 but we are older and remember when $40 was $100. Also even though she chose to be a stay at home mom and domestic engineer and I chose to have the outside career we both always considered every penny of income to equally belong to both of us.

  2. Mrs. ETT says:

    Mr. ETT is interested in the outcomes of good financial management, but not so much on the everyday. We both track expenses and I update him on how much we’ve saved for retirement (he has access to all the accounts, he just doesn’t check them.) We each have $300 spending a month we can do what we want with – it started as $400 😳. Half of mine goes to investing and charity. I use the other half for fun stuff, although I’ve still got quite a bit saved. This is a lot of money, but after 10 years where he spent with little restriction, it was the best I could negotiate. We were always totally open, but it caused a lot of friction before I implemented this system. Now, we’re cool.

    Also – cute dog picture!

  3. Pia says:

    We do our expenses a fair bit differently. We definitely do the whole discussion thing, but we don’t share every dollar equally. If you are curious, I did blog about it before :

    There’s no secret from each other, but it’s a bit of best of both worlds, the way we do it. He insisted on it being this way despite being the lower income earner and we both know that if it comes to it, the other will always support in every way including financially if need be.

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