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The Truth About Finances And Your Relationship - Couple Back To Back 3

The Truth About Finances and Your Relationship

I know it has been a little too long, but I have been working on some renovations to try to get my goals going. Who would have thought that time is finite! So inconvenient! Anyway, today I am back with a short post about telling the truth. There will come a time in most people’s lives where they will have the share their finances with another person. This can often stir up a wide range of emotions, and understandably so. Finances reveal a lot about who you are, what you like, your personality and much more. While it can be...

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7 Tips For Good Financial Parenting

As a child I was very fortunate. I had two parents who both wanted me to have at least some financial knowledge and understanding. They helped me in a number of ways, many of which I did not realise until I saw how other people treated money. Below are my seven tips for good financial parenting that I hope will help give┬áthe next generation a leg up. Financial Parenting – Why Talk About Money? Money and managing finance is something that everyone has to do. It is one of the few fundamental areas that has the potential to completely change...