Dividend Update – 2016 Q3

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3 Responses

  1. Mrs. ETT says:

    I’m not much help, RTW, but when we begin investing before the end of the year, I want to investigate putting a small proportion into Peer to Peer, so I’d be interested in what others say as well, or what you end up discovering.

    • tom says:

      I am sure I will post about what we end up doing and finding. So far everything I have found in Australia gives me less control than I wanted. Possibly because I am comparing things the the US companies I have seen that allow much better granularity for choosing where/who to lend to. They also seem to have higher interest rates, which is strange given their cash rate is lower than Aus. Still trying to figure that one out…

  2. Jef says:

    Nice work here RTW! good on you for increasing you’re income and thanks for the update..
    There won’t be any debates here and I can say that P2P is an income source that I’m certainly considering, sure there’s “higher” risk although generally this can = higher return 🙂

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