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New Year Goals for 2018 0

New Year Goals for 2018

Given my new year goals from last year came in February, it seems only fitting that this years come in March. Although that does make me think I should set a goal of having new year goals in January, but that seems a bit too meta for me. So on with the show! Goal 1: Increase Net Worth By $150k This year I am upping the anti. Each of the previous two years I have aimed for $100k and blown it out of the water by almost 30% and then almost 50%. So this year I am banking that previous...

New Year Goals for 2017 3

Final Tally – New Year Goals For 2017

I am glad I did not include punctuality as one of my new year goals for 2017, as January disappeared before I could set aside any time for this blog. But the time has come, and now it is time to look back on 20917 and see how our goals from 2017 went. Following that I need to release my 2018 goals out into the world. Hopefully that will once again help to hold me accountable, and speaking of accountable, lets see how I did in 2017: Score: a total of 3 out of 7 (or 43%) for my 2017 goals....

New Year Goals for 2017 4

New Year Goals for 2017

I can’t believe that January is over and I haven’t yet written down my 2017 new year goals. That means I am already a twelfth of the way towards failing! Time to fix that. Number zero of my new year goals: write down new year goals for 2017. Goal complete! Go me. But seriously let’s get into my new year goals for 2017, and see if I can turn them from text into reality. There will be some goals left over from 2016 that were not quite finished. As the saying goes: if at first you don’t succeed, make it...