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Do You Choose Money or Happiness

To Money or to Happiness – that is the question. For most people that I know and meet, they would rate their general life happiness – how much they enjoy life – at around 60 to 80%. This is assuming they were being realistic, I do know some would would say 100%, but I have my doubts. However when ask people how they would rate their financial happiness, the answer is often closer to the 25-50% range. Consistently more than half worry more bout finances than general happiness – life, kids, work, movies, dinners out, leisure time etc. When I...

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How Much Is Enough For Early Retirement?

A little while ago Len (from Financial Farmers – go check them out) commented on my post How We Made Our First Million Accidentally. He asked about financial freedom, not having to work, and early retirement. In my reply I talked about maintaining principal, inflation and a bunch of variables. We both had similar goals (although 40 seems a little to soon for me), but had very different capital requirements ($3+ million vs $1.25 million). So I wanted to redo some of my calculations, and was also questioning some of my assumptions. Needless to say, I jumped straight to Excel and put in...