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Peer to Peer Lending – Goals and Questions Answered

So it has been a while since my last post. I feel bad, but will get over it since no one complained to me. I wanted to give a quick update on my P2P lending from the last post that I made on the topic. I also wanted to answer/address the goals and questions I had previously. So here goes. First, let’s address the questions What rate of return will I receive? Currently the rates are listed as: Wisr: 7.6% to 8,4% (see here). RateSetter: 8.3% (see here). OurMoneyMarket: 8.4% up to around 17% (see: here). How long will my...

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Peer to Peer Lending – Goals and Questions

Continuing on from my first post about Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending, I wanted to have a look at the three remaining retail P2P lenders. As I am still a retail client, the wholesale funds hold little interest to me at the moment. As a quick recap, the three remaining peer to peer lenders are: Wisr (previously DirectMoney) RateSetter OurMoneyMarket Before assessing the remaining three however, there are some key questions that need to be answered. Some of them can’t be answered, like “will I lose my money”, but I will try and see if some of the information they...

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Peer to Peer Lending – The Beginning

I have wanted to start my foray into Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending for almost a year now, and I have finally had time to get around to it. Just like most people, I am a fan of having a diversified and balanced investment portfolio based on my desired risk vs return objectives… That really sounds like a boring old man’s statement, I didn’t think I was that old yet. Given the current RBA cash rate is only 1.5% I have been looking to other investment options to increase returns. I already have quite a bit invested in a few...